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Eg: Looking to see if we can we noninvasively measure blood sugar for diabetes
Looking to research how can social media be used to prevent teen drug abuse@@Looking to review research papers in 5-G technology and summarize@@Need balanced, insightful article using primary research to reveal what undecided voters are thinking@@Looking to see if we can we noninvasively measure blood sugar for diabetes@@Need to deep dive into placenta-on-a-chip, ethical and universal drug testing using microfluidics@@Looking to design touch surfaces to help the visually impaired operate home appliances@@What are some affordable 3D-printed neural devices for spinal cord regeneration@@Need best practices to teach humanists and artists how to make virtual reality experiences@@How Can We Use the Snapping Shrimp’s Hunting Ability in Everyday Engineering Applications@@Looking to research sustainable living on Mars, remediation of Martian soil to produce oxygen@@Looking to study wetlands ecosystems to create better microbial fuel cells@@Is Hydrophobic Silica Aerogel the Future of Large Oil Spill Cleanup@@How do companies repair their reputation after scandals@@What is the role of local communities in influencing environmental policies@@What has the War-on-Terror cost in lives and dollars


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