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SenseiHub assembles Pop-up Knowledge Teams at the best university research groups in 24 hours. They help you apply new topics quickly at work and make your company more profitable.

You're in good company

Using the largest repository of university research activity

Sensei assembles a team of co-pilots to help you make informed decisions

Breakthroughs occur

when companies work with university research groups

Lamborghini partners with Houston Methodist on carbon fiber research

Airbus partners with UAlabama on additive manufacturing

Philips partners with UPitt for medical device technology

Google partners with UChicago on health prediction

ARM partners with UWashington on neural implants

Toyota partners with MIT for blockchain, mobility apps

Only 5% of companies do this

Research is widely distributed. It's complex to connect the dots

How you benefit


Gain insight in topics from market trends to polymers, sensors and immunology from teams that have been awarded grants in the subject.


Trend analysis, brand perception, prediction models and more from teams building and using the latest data science and NLP libraries.


Use methods like empathy maps and saturate with the latest technologies like AR/VR, computer vision, bots and blockchain to deliver new experiences.

How it works

Sensei uses a knowledge graph to connect concepts and find university research groups



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