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companies working with universities

$80bn funds the newest technology at universities globally

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of the largest companies engage labs and centers.

Engaging universities was not easy until SenseiHub

The Long Way

Months of negotiations

The SenseiHub Way

3 API calls

What SenseiHub Offers


Gain insight in topics from market trends to polymers, sensors and immunology from teams that have been awarded grants in the subject.


Trend analysis, brand perception, prediction models and more from teams building and using the latest data science and NLP libraries.


Use methods like empathy maps and saturate with the latest technologies like AR/VR, computer vision, bots and blockchain to deliver new experiences.

Why SenseiHub

Powered by data

By assembling the largest global research funding database and making semantic web queries on Wikipedia, the bot discovers and brings centers of excellence to the user

Keep IP safe

We split payments between the university and the researcher so you're able to leverage university expertise while keeping your IP safe. You only transact with us.

The Technical One Pager

Our most popular product

Credible data to augment your research. Make fast, informed decisions.

You're in good company




Valid One Year

You're required to not just stay on top of trends, but deep dive into them. You can’t but be the smartest person in the room, in any topic, all of the time. Mom and experts alike are equally stunned by your native understanding of niche concepts. Your hard work shows your team off as thought leaders.

Easily access labs, centers, institutes, principal investigators, graduate students and Sensei. Enjoy specialty coffees on us.



Valid One Month

Every so often you’re convinced your team’s missing the plot. You need them to wake up and smell the coffee. You have a rigorous case, but nothing seals the deal like unbiased external validation. Your team’s indebted to you for staying in front of the 8 ball and creating opportunity… bigly.

Easily access labs, centers, institutes, principal investigators, graduate students and Sensei.