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of the largest companies engage labs and centers.

Engaging universities was not easy until SenseiHub

The Long Way

Months of negotiations

The SenseiHub Way

3 API calls

What SenseiHub Offers


Gain insight in topics from market trends to polymers, sensors and immunology from teams that have been awarded grants in the subject.


Trend analysis, brand perception, prediction models and more from teams building and using the latest data science and NLP libraries.


Use methods like empathy maps and saturate with the latest technologies like AR/VR, computer vision, bots and blockchain to deliver new experiences.

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Eg: Is Hydrophobic Silica Aerogel the Future of Large Oil Spill Cleanup
Looking to research how can social media be used to prevent teen drug abuse@@Looking to review research papers in 5-G technology and summarize@@Need balanced, insightful article using primary research to reveal what undecided voters are thinking@@Looking to see if we can we noninvasively measure blood sugar for diabetes@@Need to deep dive into placenta-on-a-chip, ethical and universal drug testing using microfluidics@@Looking to design touch surfaces to help the visually impaired operate home appliances@@What are some affordable 3D-printed neural devices for spinal cord regeneration@@Need best practices to teach humanists and artists how to make virtual reality experiences@@How Can We Use the Snapping Shrimp’s Hunting Ability in Everyday Engineering Applications@@Looking to research sustainable living on Mars, remediation of Martian soil to produce oxygen@@Looking to study wetlands ecosystems to create better microbial fuel cells@@Is Hydrophobic Silica Aerogel the Future of Large Oil Spill Cleanup@@How do companies repair their reputation after scandals@@What is the role of local communities in influencing environmental policies@@What has the War-on-Terror cost in lives and dollars


Why SenseiHub

Powered by data

By assembling the largest global research funding database and making semantic web queries on Wikipedia, the bot discovers and brings centers of excellence to the user

Keep IP safe

We split payments between the university and the researcher so you're able to leverage university expertise while keeping your IP safe. You only transact with us.

The Technical One Pager

Our most popular product

Credible data to augment your research. Make fast, informed decisions.

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  • Company NDA, IP protection baked in
  • Test out 2 projects, no credit card needed
  • Up to 240 hours of work time, valid 1 year
  • Funding alerts
  • Expert calls
No credit card required



  • Company NDA, IP protection baked in
  • Test out 1 project, no credit card needed
  • Up to 40 hours of work time, valid 1 month
No credit card required